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During the summer, high humidity is often a problem for many people. High humidity not only makes being outside uncomfortable, but it also makes your home’s interior uncomfortable, regardless of the temperature setting on your air conditioner. Your unit works much harder to fight humidity in the summer, which can put […]

Summer Humidity and how to Avoid it

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The opportunity to work from home comes with advantages and disadvantages. If you’re going to work from home, especially as a freelancer, then you need to learn some tips that will help you earn more money. These four ideas will put you on the path to success. Boost Productivity by […]

Tips to Earn More Money while Working from Home

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Overcoming 4 Bad Habits Everyone has bad habits and everyone struggles to overcome them. Some, like tobacco use, are incredibly difficult while others are a bit easier. Regardless of how easy or difficult they are to overcome, they can be overcome. Here are 4 bad habits that you can defeat […]

Overcoming 4 Bad Habits

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You want to look and feel your best at all times. The catch is that you can’t feel great when you’re spending an outsized amount of money on beauty supplies. As a savvy consumer, you want to buy great products at low prices. Here are three ways to search out […]

Finding Best Deals on Beauty and Home Supplies

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As you look up at the sunny sky, you feel a twinge in your knee. Over the next few hours, your arthritis continues to flare up. While others might tease you about being able to predict the weather based on how your joints feel, you know without a doubt that […]

Do Your Achy Joints Really Predict the Weather?

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Today’s gues will tell us everyting about the health benefits of having a dog. You know you feel better and happier when your dog is with you. That intense joy when you hug your dog isn’t your imagination – people around the world identify with that experience. But if you […]

Science Discovers 10 Ways Your Dog Boosts Your Health

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Winter is already here, dark evenings and cold weather have come with it. So what should you do to occupy yourself and stay warm? Why not get yourself to bed, get warm and stick on a movie? Here is a list of our top films to snuggle up in your […]

More Movies to Watch in Bed This Season

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Gift giving is one of my favorite topics and the more personal one can make it, the better. (see how to create your own recipe book and gift it to whomever likes your cooking most). Today’s guest will talk us through the psychological and emotional benefits of gift giving.   “A major […]

The Psychological and Emotional Aspects of Gift Giving

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Today’s guest blogger is a very thoughtful husband who found a brilliant way to encourage his wife’s passion for cooking. “Hello friends. I am cool out here and hope the same for you. Last week I was not doing good health wise and I was at home for about 4-5 […]

Gift your wife Movavi Screen capture studio software on her ...

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Bologna is the city with the world’s oldest university and the fifth part of its population is students.  So, when walking through the streets, you’ll notice young people are literally everywhere as well as a lot of small cafes and bars offering cheap and not quite healthy food and drinks. […]

5 places to visit with kids in Bologna

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 Written by – today’s guest blogger Dave C. – innovative dad and wonderful husband The hardest part of parenting is often just a question of finding time. Time to give your children the attention they crave to help them make sense of their world, to make sure you give them […]

Manage Kids and Family Tasks as a Business

what to eat and what not to eat when you're on a Paleo Diet
Today’s guest blogger, Sandy DeRose from will tell us all about Paleo Diet.  “Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the Paleo Diet.  It’s everywhere and the most searched diet on Google. Today I would like to break it down because, in my view, it’s not a diet.  […]

Going Paleo: Paleo Diet as a way of life

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Today’s guest blogger will talk about lighting in the shower. Bathroom LED Spray Shower are a must have for brightening up normally boring bathrooms. Marvel starts as soon as you lit them up. Shower water being illuminated by the soft light, the scene seems too celestial. After a shower, people […]

Jazz up your Bathrooms with LED Shower Heads

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Here’s a 30 Days Goal Crushing Challenge for you from today’s guest blogger:   ” Whatever your goal or aspiration is, it is easier to achieve if you have both a plan and motivation. By participating and taking advantage of our Goal Crushing Challenge, we can help you with both. How […]

Goal Crushing Challenge (30 Days)

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Today’s guest blogger share with us a few insights getting the kids involved in looking after the household pets. “As a parent who brings home a new puppy for the joy that the children will experience, your role is also to use the puppy as a “teacher-dog”, which simply means using the pet […]

Kids’ Life with Dogs and What they Learn from Pets

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You may think you’re saving time when you’re hard at work on the computer while talking to a client on the phone all the while having the television or radio on in the background…but chances are, all that multi-tasking is actually wasting your time. In fact, 52% of Americans waste […]

Motivational Speaker Helene Segura Talks Time-Saving Strategies

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So, here’s hot to make the most of your living room and make an art out of entertaining your guests. But today’s guest blogger will talk us through How to Find the Prices of Mc Donalds Food Items and Enjoy Your Food without Anxiety Mc Donalds is one of the most […]

How to Find the Prices of Mc Donalds Food Items ...

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Winter sunshine is the best and in the fortunate eventuality you are on your way to warmer climate countries to get that sun kissed look, you don’t have to worry about the swimming suit as today’s guest blogger will tell us a few things about Bathing Suits for Mothers from  Fierce Simplicity […]

Bathing and Swimming Suits For New Moms

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How Celebrity Beauty Image Affect our Children Celebrities are idolized by society; this gives them the power to define many ideals. Celebrity appearance, their likes and dislikes are taken by young mind as the ideal. This has been the source of many conflicts and complexes children encounter and develop while […]

How Celebrity Beauty Image Affect our Children

How to choose Olive Oil and avoid disappointing flavours
I use a lot of Olive Oil in my kitchen for cooking and in my soap making and today’s guest blogger will share with us the truth about Olive Oil and how to buy it to make sure you get the best.  “The Olive Oil business is a scandalous one, […]

How to Choose Good Quality Olive Oil?

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Today’s guest blogger is going to talk about parenting and tell us why Early Potty Training Of The Children May Result In Wetting Problem At Later Ages! “It is important that the children be allowed uninhibited voiding at least up to the age of 2 years, so that the bladders […]

The After effects of Early Potty Training