Homemaking and earning an income? There are plenty of extra work opportunities for homemakers. Blogging, social influence, writing reviews, surveys and more.

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Support this blog and at the same time increase your brand awareness across the web by taking advantage of one of the following brand – blogger collaboration opportunities: Banner Palcement: one square banner in the top widget area on the right, visible on all posts and pages. Price: $10 / […]

Media Kit

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When it comes to fashion, nothing has been more instrumental to the success of new brands like social media. The highly-competitive nature of the fashion industry used to make it difficult for small shops to get their products noticed. Now, brands are able to capitalize on different trends in the […]

How Has Social Media Changed the Apparel Industry

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Whatever the event, when out shopping for a gift not only for one person but for a whole group of people, it’s difficult to find the right present for each an every one of them. Moreover, you wouldn’t wish to look as you have favorites so you’d want to buy something […]

Personalized T-shirts and Caps as Group Gifts

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Good news today, as I just discovered the online place that will give me all the special effects generators for images and text generators I always coveted but never actually bought. Well, it’s good thing I waited because I can now get pretty much what I wanted absolutely free. That’s it, no […]

The Free Online Photo Editor That I’ve Been Waiting For

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The best way to stay young, physically and mentally is to do something new everyday and never  stop learning. For health reasons and to keep routine and boredom at bay, I am always on the look out for new exciting things to try and learn. And yes, I do like […]

10 Free Online Crafty Classes Worth Learning

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Here’s a first on this blog, an interview with a blogger in the hope that you, dear readers, will find inspiration and motivation to start your own online project. Leslie from The graphical Muse will tell us a little bit about her blog and the challenges and rewards of blogging. Can you […]

Interview with a blogger

Whatever we’re writing, most of us are going backwards and forwards editing, deleting, rephrasing and checking for errors and we’re still left with a certain degree of uncertainty with regards to whether the message can be conveyed in a better way.  Sometimes, we need to get the text proofread by […]

How to Perfect your Writing Style

All authors, whether they wrote a simple self help ebook or an international best seller, knows what they have to go through to get their work seen and read. And nowadays, an online presence for any author is indispensable.  An online presence means that people from all over the world, […]

Authors and Translators Get Together to Surpass Language Barriers.

Fashion addicts and style gurus who love to party and to fashion exquisite accessories and statement jewelry are wanted to join Stella & Dot’s growing team of Stylists!: Not for a 9 to 5 job but for a flexible work schedule that requires a lot of socializing and talking about fashion and style. Stella […]

Career Opportunity for Stylish Women who Want to Start their ...

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Any blogger, knows now the importance of social networking. Writing a blog post should only take half the time dedicated to successful blogging. The other half must be dedicated to sharing the new content on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and many others, relating with other social […]

What is your Social Influence Score ? Find out with ...

Your opinions matters. There are businesses out there that would like to improve their products and services, would like to change to please you better. The problem is: they don’t know what they’re doing right or wrong. They need you.  It’s up to you to let them know how you […]

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