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During the summer, high humidity is often a problem for many people. High humidity not only makes being outside uncomfortable, but it also makes your home’s interior uncomfortable, regardless of the temperature setting on your air conditioner. Your unit works much harder to fight humidity in the summer, which can put […]

Summer Humidity and how to Avoid it

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You want to look and feel your best at all times. The catch is that you can’t feel great when you’re spending an outsized amount of money on beauty supplies. As a savvy consumer, you want to buy great products at low prices. Here are three ways to search out […]

Finding Best Deals on Beauty and Home Supplies

Love you everywhere and anywhere, pillow
4 Leaf Clover, Hearts, Roses, Love Letters, – the shapes that one can give to home made soaps are limitless when preparing for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and, to avoid last minute rush for a gift that says it best, now is the time to start crafting […]

4 Leaf Clover and Hearts Hand Made Soap Making

vineyard wine maps mobile application for travelers and wine enthusiasts
Do you enjoy a glass your wine with a meal or just to chill out after a hot day at the beach or a hard day in the office? I know I do in every circumstance and up until recently I was unaware that drinking wine (in moderation) was a […]

All About Good Wine. Infographic for Wine Enthusiasts

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Fashion trends come and go, our mood changes often and so is the dress size we’re wearing. But one style will never fade and that is the vintage style as it awakens nostalgia for forgotten times when jeans and track suits did not exist, putting on a well ironed dress, matching shoes […]

Online Shopping for Plus Size Fashion Styles.

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The best way to stay young, physically and mentally is to do something new everyday and never  stop learning. For health reasons and to keep routine and boredom at bay, I am always on the look out for new exciting things to try and learn. And yes, I do like […]

10 Free Online Crafty Classes Worth Learning

womanly wisdom, beauty, style and makeup
This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links   Express your love exquisitely this year on Valentine’s Day. ModCloth’s Sweetheart Shop is the perfect place to shop for a vintage sweetheart outfit and a thoughtful gift for your other […]

Best Sweetheart Outfit for the Valentine’s Day Date

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  No matter how old or young we are, we still want to look beautiful. Women were meant to be like that and it is in our genes to wish to look attractive. We want our friends to be jealous of our looks and we want our husbands to still […]

Start a new chapter in your life!

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** This post contains affiliate links and I’ll be compensated should you make a purchase by following them.  The best way to teach children anything these days is through fun activities. When children enjoy what they do, the learning is only a side effect of the activity. Luckily we, parents, […]

Fun Learning Activities for children

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  **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Rent the Runway is celebrating their 5th anniversary. In honor of this occasion, they partnered with designers to create their exclusive 5Y Collection. To start celebrating with Rent the […]

Celebrate Rent the Runway’s 5th Anniversary!

Silk’n Flash&Go is an innovative light-based device for removing the hairs on the face and body. The new high tech design of the Flash&Go applicator allows individuals to properly target and zone into any area that requires treatment. Silk’n Flash&Go provides you with fast, effective long term hair removal previously […]

Long Term Hair Removal – Intense Light at Home Review

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Sponsored post: This post contains affiliate links Finding just the right tutor  often feels like mission impossible. One to one tutoring can make a world of difference to   scholars of any age. Whatever they need to learn, maybe advanced maths, music or a foreign language, if the tutor is a […]

How to Find the Right Academic Tutor

financial responsibility for children
Today’s Guest informs us about the basic life support skills every parent should know by heart in order to be able to save their children’s lives in case of an accident. Checking the pulse, chest compressions, mouth to mouth, all the essential live saving skills presented in the form of […]

Can You Save my Life? Basic Life Suport Skills Infographic

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A few posts back, we looked into the different ways to turn photography into a profitable past time.Today we’ll find out how to sell your photos like a pro with Smug Mug 15% Off SmugMug Professional Subscriptions Until 4/30 (This post contains referral links which means I may receive a […]

Where to Market Your Professional Photography Business

Beautiful Hair extensions with free delivery worldwide
Today’s Guest Post will be all about Natural Hair Extensions So, you went for that trendy haircut and now the fad is gone and want your long beautiful hair back? Well there’s no need to wait for it to grow now that we have so many choices when it comes […]

How to Choose the Best Hair Extensions Online

(This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated if you purchase through these links) Ever thought of putting your favorite recipes into a stylish printed book that you can give as a gift or pass down to the generations to come? Well, thanks to Blurb, creating, printing and publishing your own cook […]

How to Make a Cook Book with Photos and Recipes

… and look gorgeous too. Like it or not, prom happens. It keeps on coming year after year, disrupting normal life for months, with every girl secretly obsessing over making that single “big” night a perfect one. Whether you’re the girl who looks forward to prom all year long, or […]

How to choose a prom dress

We all know how important it is for kids everywhere to wear the glasses that fits their personality and their daily mood or outfit for that matter. I have big news…TOMS will be on sale at zulily.com from 6am PT on 2/19 to 6am PT on 2/22! and they have […]

Trendy Accessories with TOMS One for One

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Wouldn’t you love to publish a books that prompt for a “how did you manage this?” genuinely surprised question. As the leader in self-publishing platforms, Blurb has an entire online bookstore full of unique books by an incredible array of undiscovered, self-published authors, artists, and photographers and you can be […]

Create Something One Of A Kind with Blurb

Body piercing  – a widespread practice throughout the fashionable youth and the young at heart is not as new or as crazy or as vain as the most conservative of us may think. There is ample evidence that body piercing has been practiced in various forms by both sexes since ancient […]

Body piercing jewelry

Whatever we’re writing, most of us are going backwards and forwards editing, deleting, rephrasing and checking for errors and we’re still left with a certain degree of uncertainty with regards to whether the message can be conveyed in a better way.  Sometimes, we need to get the text proofread by […]

How to Perfect your Writing Style