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Lights can create the perfect space and atmosphere, in the same time adding a bold and beautiful statement in interior design. Whether you’ve been looking for the perfect lighting fixture, ecological lighting solutions or simply energy savings light bulbs,  look no further than this amazing lighting shop where you may […]

Home Decor Aspects: Lighting

Love Sac Giant Bean Bag
Lovesac founder, Shawny D, started the modern day beanbag revolution by making the first gigantic “Lovesac” fresh out of high school in 1995, and continues his mission to make people’s lives more comfortable to this day.Filled with just the right amount of shredded Durafoam, Love Sac will always fluff back […]

Giant Beanbags for Cozy Living

Green shop, ecological, cheap
The Ultimate Green Store is your one-stop green shopping destination for home, office and for everyone in the family! As the ultimate web-based destination for ecological conscious shoppers, The Ultimate Green Store provides a collection of the finest green products in hi-demand categories such as The Ultimate Green Store Home & […]

Being Green doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

up the wall chess set, vertical chess set,
The Vertical Chess Set. This is the chess set that mounts to a wall, allowing games of indefinite length. Generating a sense of intrigue and anticipation–“did they move yet?”–it allows for weeks-long play without interruption. An included “last move” marker hung around a recently promoted pawn-turned-Queen signals to an opponent […]

Vertical Chess Set

iphone amplifier that looks like a piece of ceramic italian art.
The Natural Acoustics iPhone Amplifier. The Natural Acoustics iPhone Amplifier. This is the passive ceramic amplifier made in Italy that produces naturally resonant tones from an iPhone. Designed in Milan, it is handcrafted entirely of slip-cast ceramic fired in Vincenza, renowned since the 18th century for its traditional ceramics that […]

Natural acoustic i-phone amp