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  There are various ways of spending spare cash to things that people can able to benefit from in the long run with an interest rate. They can invest to certain interest or hobby such as collection of antique since a person can sell them in high price and value […]

Decorative Collective: Home of Decorative Antiques

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  This year I fell in love with Quartz, more specifically with rose quartz also known as the Love Stone, Pink Quartz or Bohemian Ruby. Rumor has it that rose quarts’s energetic hallmark is unconditional love with the power to open the heart chakra. This makes rose quartz the semiprecious stone […]

Rose Quartz Crystals Gifts for Positive Energy

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If you are like me you love DIY, home décor, and making everything in your home beautiful! I have learned that sometimes it can get a little pricey to turn your home into the place you always dreamed of. One of the reasons it can get so doggone expensive for […]

Learn How to Distress Furniture and Save Big Money

white silk orchids
I used to dislike artificial plants. Even the very real looking ones that you sometimes can spot in fancy restaurants. I often check their realness by touching them and end up with a disappointed “Fake!”. Until I received a bouquet of Rubrum & Casablanca Lily It looked amazing. I touched them and […]

Artificial plants… yes if they’re natural

home decor leather bucket for storing everyday essentials in the living room
January is usually the time of the year when we realize there’s not enough room in our houses. Too many magazines, recipe books, novels, children’s toys, blankets and throws and all sort of knick knacks laying around the house and failing to fit anywhere. There’s storage in the house yes, […]

Handy but out of the way decorative storage

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As the family grows, one finds that there isn’t enough room in the house for all the stuff that we accumulate, take kids stuff for example, jackets, backpacks, winter shoes, summer shoes, activities kids, not to mention their books, toys and art masterpieces. This post is to give you some […]

Storage Furniture for Updating any Room in your Home

red, yellow, blue owl kitchen timer used to be my top favorite online shop of vintage-inspired and independently designed clothing and accessories but just after they’ve launched their home decor collection ModCloth is my favorite destination when it comes to adding a touch of character, vintage and indie style to my home. So, I’ve been […]

ModCloth Owls are Great Companions in the Kitchen and all ...

Lights can create the perfect space and atmosphere, in the same time adding a bold and beautiful statement in interior design. Whether you’ve been looking for the perfect lighting fixture, ecological lighting solutions or simply energy savings light bulbs,  look no further than this amazing lighting shop where you may […]

Home Decor Aspects: Lighting