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As a homeowner, you must be concerned about the overall cleanliness of your home. However, it is never possible for you to think about the cleanliness of the home, without paying special attention towards the cleanliness of the mattress. In fact, mattress cleanliness is one of the few areas that […]

How To Clean A Mattress: Deodorize, Remove Stains, And Freshen

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Sterling silver is a blend of the treasured white metal silver which is highly reflective of light. Since silver is too soft to be used in a regular item, most silver jewelry, tea sets, flatware as well as other household utensils are 92.5 percent pure silver compounded by another metal; […]

How to Polish Silver Rings

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Anyone who has ever bought or sold any property will know that it is a very messy bureaucratic process. Prospective buyers and sellers will experience different sides of the same token but mostly the process is roughly the same in a time cost perspective. Almost every Real-Estate transaction is incredibly […]

MUXE-A New Real-Estate Medium to Simplify…Real-Estate!

water fountain
During the past decade or so, the use of water fountains has been continually on the rise. Both indoor and outdoor water fountains come in more styles and sizes than ever. These fountains are made from a wide variety of materials and can be found in just about any color […]

What Makes Water Fountains So Popular?

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Lately we’re all more aware of the dangers of harsh chemicals that most household cleaning products contain. We know that often what we put on our skin, although smells nice and may give us an immediate benefit, in the long run, harms our largest organ –  the skin. Most importantly, […]

Pocket and Planet Friendly Home and Baby Care Products

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The sudden drop in temperatures and the earlier evenings bring with them another thing for homeowners to worry about…pests! As any professional pest controller will tell you, pests will be out loving the warmer weather now they can survive out in the open. Having fresh new plants also makes a […]

How To Declutter And Clean Your House To Prevent Autumn ...

running a family as you would a business
 As the years go on, our families get bigger and bigger with more pets and more children. This is when the safety of your family becomes every parent’s number one priority. For most people, they equate pest control with the use of chemicals. So it’s no wonder so many of […]

How To Do Pest Control In A Family Safe Way

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If you are building a new home from the ground up, it is easy to incorporate all the eco-friendly items that you want. However, if you have an older home that was built before a lot of today’s green solutions became available, you might be wondering what you can do […]

Tech Innovations to Make Your Home Greener

When installing an HVAC system in your home, or having an older one repaired, most companies will offer an HVAC service contract for repairs and regular maintenance. This contract typically lasts for a few years, but ties you into mandatory payments after signing. These contracts are often helpful for maintaining […]

Five Most Important Things to Check Before Signing an HVAC ...

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You  probably know the scenario : although you noticed the strange smell coming from the bathroom and used this special chemical to unclog the toilet and the bath, the problem persisted. You tried with a plunger , but only made things worse as the water flooded the bathroom. You had […]


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Green habits at home can make a great contribution to the environment and reduce your living costs. A few simple principles will make a big difference, and if you involve your kids as well, they will quickly adopt habits that become second nature as they grow up. Most people want […]

Green tech advances for the home

You want your home to be comfortable for you and your family. All the devices you use at home consume energy. As a responsible citizens, we can all take simple steps to save energy everyday. In this informative infographic, we show how to make your home energy efficient. The largest consumers […]

Energy  Efficient Home

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 Are you interested to make your home attractive? It is believed that changing the trends and traditions in an area is not an easy job. People utilize various jobs and habits to make their homes more attractive. For example, the habit of gardening is very prominent and popular in the […]

5 Ways You Can Utilize Your Outdoor Space

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  There are various ways of spending spare cash to things that people can able to benefit from in the long run with an interest rate. They can invest to certain interest or hobby such as collection of antique since a person can sell them in high price and value […]

Decorative Collective: Home of Decorative Antiques

Audrey Hepburn style and makeup
This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links   Express your love exquisitely this year on Valentine’s Day. ModCloth’s Sweetheart Shop is the perfect place to shop for a vintage sweetheart outfit and a thoughtful gift for your other […]

Best Sweetheart Outfit for the Valentine’s Day Date

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  This year I fell in love with Quartz, more specifically with rose quartz also known as the Love Stone, Pink Quartz or Bohemian Ruby. Rumor has it that rose quarts’s energetic hallmark is unconditional love with the power to open the heart chakra. This makes rose quartz the semiprecious stone […]

Rose Quartz Crystals Gifts for Positive Energy

round beige oak side table on 3 levels
If you are like me you love DIY, home décor, and making everything in your home beautiful! I have learned that sometimes it can get a little pricey to turn your home into the place you always dreamed of. One of the reasons it can get so doggone expensive for […]

Learn How to Distress Furniture and Save Big Money

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What are wool rugs and how can they contribute to the beauty of a certain place? Well, wool rugs used to be cover one’s floor are also referred as carpet. They are made of wool and are well-designed in order to attain attractive looks great contributor to the beauty of the home […]

A Touch of Warmth and Coziness with Wool Rugs

white silk orchids
I used to dislike artificial plants. Even the very real looking ones that you sometimes can spot in fancy restaurants. I often check their realness by touching them and end up with a disappointed “Fake!”. Until I received a bouquet of Rubrum & Casablanca Lily It looked amazing. I touched them and […]

Artificial plants… yes if they’re natural

Ethical Gift Shopping around the world
Let’s buy less mass produced goods for a change and whenever possible, buy more ethical, fair trade ecological and hand made goods, especially when they are so much more fun to us and so much more helpful to the people who make their life livable by crafting them. Just have a look […]

The conscious consumer shops Fair Trade, Ecological and Ethical

adding salt in cold process home made soap
I was looking for a way to achieve the cleansing, exfoliating and detoxifying qualities of a salt spa bath  in a handmade natural soap. That meant that I had to attempt making a salt soap. Here’re a few of the benefits of a sea salt soap on the skin:  Sea salt draw toxins […]

Adding Salts to Home Made Soap