All I know about dieting and healthy eating

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Being able to have the highest quality of life is sure to depend on the things you do for your well-being each day. If you want to enjoy having the best health and the right mentality in the process, you will need to keep working on yourself a bit daily. […]

4 Tips for Keeping yourself Physically and Mentally in Shape

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Overcoming 4 Bad Habits Everyone has bad habits and everyone struggles to overcome them. Some, like tobacco use, are incredibly difficult while others are a bit easier. Regardless of how easy or difficult they are to overcome, they can be overcome. Here are 4 bad habits that you can defeat […]

Overcoming 4 Bad Habits

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As you look up at the sunny sky, you feel a twinge in your knee. Over the next few hours, your arthritis continues to flare up. While others might tease you about being able to predict the weather based on how your joints feel, you know without a doubt that […]

Do Your Achy Joints Really Predict the Weather?

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Couples who are having trouble conceiving often look into fertility treatments as a possible solution. In these cases, it may turn out that a man’s low sperm count is contributing to infertility issues. Fortunately, there are plenty of possible ways for couples to increase their chances of becoming pregnant despite […]

3 Ways to Deal with Low Sperm Count and Get ...

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Today’s gues will tell us everyting about the health benefits of having a dog. You know you feel better and happier when your dog is with you. That intense joy when you hug your dog isn’t your imagination – people around the world identify with that experience. But if you […]

Science Discovers 10 Ways Your Dog Boosts Your Health

Today’s guest blogger will talk us through the benefits of a healthy plant based diet. When it comes to improving your health, one of the best things you can do for yourself is eat a plant-based diet. Not only does this particular way of living help you maintain a healthier […]

A Plant Based Diet and its many Benefits

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Detoxification or detox refers to the process of eliminating toxins, produced either internally from metabolic wastes or coming from external sources such food and environment, that get accumulated in the body over a period of time, giving rise to a host of diseases. Some of these few raw foods include: […]


We all know that green tea and, for that matter many other herbal teas are good for our health and well being. Green Tea most of all contains  powerful antioxidants that will help prevent and fight cancer and heart disease and will lower cholesterol levels. For more trivial effects of green tea, […]

How to Include Green Tea in a Delicious Diet

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Today’s guest blogger will help us identify our bad habits and tell us how to stop them: “Bad habits happen to even the best of us. So many people find themselves plagued with bad habits because they’re just so hard to break. We fall back into the bad behavior over-and-over […]

5 Bad Habits People Have and the Best Ways to ...

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Some weeks ago I made some strawberry jam and syrup. I didn’t chop or mash the strawberries for the jam because I like them whole – so I shall call it strawberry preserve really. The jam or preserve makes a great topping for this cheesecake recipe and is very accessible: […]

3 Layer Biscuit Strawberry and Cheese Cake Recipe

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Today’s guest blogger, Sandy DeRose from will tell us all about Paleo Diet.  “Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the Paleo Diet.  It’s everywhere and the most searched diet on Google. Today I would like to break it down because, in my view, it’s not a diet.  […]

Going Paleo: Paleo Diet as a way of life

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Some 4 years ago, I’ve read on the internet something saying that two glasses of red wine a day along with many other health benefits, also helps with  the weight loss,  abnormally low blood pressure and premature ageing of the skin due to it’s powerful antioxidants.  A few more articles pointed out […]

Red Wine and Dark Chocolate – Highly Addictive Diet

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Sipping chocolate, a cold spicy drinkable cocoa concoction, was the favorite pass time of the  ingenious Mayans along with deciphering complicated astronomical systems and fending off conquistadors. When the  Spanish explorers brought chocolate back to Europe, they made it hot and so the hot chocolate  was highly enjoyed as a […]

How to Make the Best Drinking Cocoa Rich Hot Chocolate

Yogis, athletes, kids, anyone trying to stay in shape, watch out: Bosu Sport 55 cm Balance Trainer helps you strengthen and coordinate several major muscle groups, including the muscles you don’t see and especially the core muscles. The Bosu Balance Trainer and core muscles exerciser targets your core muscles–the muscles […]

How to get the posture and the inner poise of ...

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And now I know out why  my mum’s 3 cups a day green tea weight loss diet wasn’t giving the results she expected: loosing weight, increased energy, lower cholesterol, rosy cheeks,  sparkly eyes and so on… Oh well, here’s the reason, according with my latest online findings: SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO […]

The Health Benefits of Consuming Green Tea Leaves

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Sometimes, despite all the dieting and exercise we can master, the extra fat in certain areas of the body simply refuses to go away. The fat around the middle for example, especially after giving birth, well … the body holds on to this  last reserve of fat just in case, […]

Still holding on to those love handles?

Chia seeds have been cultivated since Aztec times and cherished by Aztec people as a healthy source of energy and quality nutrients in their diet.  The first time I heard about Chia seeds was when I’ve got a Chia Pet; it was good fun to watch the seeds sprouting and […]

The Health Benefits of Including Chia Seeds in Everyday Diet

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Say goodbye to your back pains after sitting at your desk for eight or more hours a day. What you see above is a Isokinetics Inc. Balance Ball Chair – with Black 52cm Ball and a Pump. The Swiss ball or gym ball alone is a great thing to have around the house, […]

The chair that forces you into good posture, just as ...

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After 40 years of twice daily use of store bought conventional toothpastes, mouthwashes, floss, inter dental brushes, gum gels, etc.I found that I’m not even close to the perfect smile shown on the box. Every trip to the dentist, revealed a new cavity or a new tooth infection which translated in fillings, […]

Natural remedies for oral health

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As you know that office is such a place that has got lots of stress and hectic schedules. Hence it becomes increasingly important that you should keep yourself healthy and positive so that you can work in an efficient manner. Here are some useful tips on how a woman can keep […]

How women can keep themselves healthy at work?