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Whatever the event, when out shopping for a gift not only for one person but for a whole group of people, it’s difficult to find the right present for each an every one of them. Moreover, you wouldn’t wish to look as you have favorites so you’d want to buy something […]

Personalized T-shirts and Caps as Group Gifts

Chicken Soup for the Soul, Personalized Customized Bok, Perfect Gift for your Loved ones
Sometimes, it can be really hard to buy the right books for your loved ones as gifts. After all, you never know just which books they’ve already read. And then, when you do find the right book and give it to them, how can you you make it really personal […]

Blurb’s Chicken Soup For Your Soul!

Love Sac Giant Bean Bag
Winter is already here, dark evenings and cold weather have come with it. So what should you do to occupy yourself and stay warm? Why not get yourself to bed, get warm and stick on a movie? Here is a list of our top films to snuggle up in your […]

More Movies to Watch in Bed This Season

mother's day gift ideas, beyond the roses and the card
When it comes to making a gift to out moms, all in pursuit of thoughtful, heartfelt and ultra-feminine gifts for mom. Below you’ll find a few gift ideas to suit every pocket and every taste, to suit people who has time to make their own gifts or those who prefer to […]

7 Simple Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Moms

custom made, personal, photo book with well thought of text, as a gift
Gift giving is one of my favorite topics and the more personal one can make it, the better. (see how to create your own recipe book and gift it to whomever likes your cooking most). Today’s guest will talk us through the psychological and emotional benefits of gift giving.   “A major […]

The Psychological and Emotional Aspects of Gift Giving

i love picture to people example text generator
Good news today, as I just discovered the online place that will give me all the special effects generators for images and text generators I always coveted but never actually bought. Well, it’s good thing I waited because I can now get pretty much what I wanted absolutely free. That’s it, no […]

The Free Online Photo Editor That I’ve Been Waiting For

Electric Deep Skin Cleanser and Facial Massage
If you’re using Sonicare toothbrush and noticed how much more effective that is compared with others, then read on because there’s another gadget that just showed up on the market, designed to bring us the benefits od Sonicare technology, this time on the skin. Good news. Developed by the lead […]

Technology in our hands: deep skin cleansing at home.

Audrey Hepburn style and makeup
This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links   Express your love exquisitely this year on Valentine’s Day. ModCloth’s Sweetheart Shop is the perfect place to shop for a vintage sweetheart outfit and a thoughtful gift for your other […]

Best Sweetheart Outfit for the Valentine’s Day Date

#pinkquartz, #rosequartz, #lovestone, #bohemiancrystal, lamp, jewelry, home decor, coaster
  This year I fell in love with Quartz, more specifically with rose quartz also known as the Love Stone, Pink Quartz or Bohemian Ruby. Rumor has it that rose quarts’s energetic hallmark is unconditional love with the power to open the heart chakra. This makes rose quartz the semiprecious stone […]

Rose Quartz Crystals Gifts for Positive Energy

artisan hand made sunscape soap with blue sea and orange sky
I love a good painting and I find landscapes,  fascinating. Since playing with oils and lye in various attempts to make extra special natural soaps at home, I wanted to combine art and soap making and recreate the seascape that I see on my daily evening walk: turquoise sea, far away […]

Artisan Soap Design: Seascape at sunset

Lego Figure in a Transparent Melt and Pour Soap Base
Some time ago, we played with soap – Ivory Soap. We cooked it in the microwave and got a soap cloud that provided hours of fun for the kids and for mom as well. Since then, I got into soap making. I started with a simple Cold Process soap and […]

Melt and Pour Soap Making with Kids

personalized baby book on good guality paper and print, designer layout, easy to use software, create from your own photos and add text.
How to find the right gift depending on the occasion is one of issues of this blog. Today’s guest will give us a few gift  ideas for christenings: If you are looking for extra special luxury christening gifts ideas, there are some wonderful ideas out there and the best place […]

Luxury Christening Gifts Ideas

custom made, personal, photo book with well thought of text, as a gift
Ah, the joy of giving and receiving gifts at Christmas …and the pain of finding the right gifts for the loved ones… If you have a digital camera or a smart phone, chances are that you have taken a lot of wonderful photos of the people you love, the places […]

A Custom Made Photobook – the gift that makes one ...

personalized baby book on good guality paper and print, designer layout, easy to use software, create from your own photos and add text.
There are many gifts you could give this holiday season, but when it comes to something really meaningful, there’s nothing quite like the gift of a personal book that you’ve made all by yourself with the recipient in mind. Before you start having visions of gluing and sewing together pages […]

Gift Inspiration with the Blurb Gift Center

hand knitted giant Bunny, rabit toy in real life size knitted in cotton and extremely cuddly
Tthe most adorable baby gifts for Christmas, Winter or Christening,  featuring knitted owls:   Critter-cal Mass Bag in Owl – $39.99This little animal bag will help you scurry up the style ladder! Touting a crossbody strap, plentiful pockets, and brown, tan, and black vegan faux leather shaped like an owl, […]

Cozy Owls Gift Ideas for Winter Holidays

create book, print own book,
Blurb continues to wow me each year with how easy they make it to create your own high quality custom book. A custom book makes the best present for the most special people in one’s life, as it is personal, heartfelt and can contain text and images aimed to emphasize […]

How to Create a Personalized Custom Book Tutorial

red, yellow, blue owl kitchen timer used to be my top favorite online shop of vintage-inspired and independently designed clothing and accessories but just after they’ve launched their home decor collection ModCloth is my favorite destination when it comes to adding a touch of character, vintage and indie style to my home. So, I’ve been […]

ModCloth Owls are Great Companions in the Kitchen and all ...

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I am so grateful for the huge range of apps that we can get these days. It seems there is an app for everything and although, some of them are unnecessarily complicating our lives, others are absolutely life changers. So between the many apps that I use with my iPad, […]

My Top 5 Apps from iTunes

Coffee mug with a cute porcelain owl at the bottom
Ally’s Today’s Daily Tip : How to make your favorite guest spill their coffee and ROTFL I just came across this super cute and super hilarious coffee or tea cup and I thought what a perfect way to give a heart attack to your coffee guests or at the very […]

Surprise Owl in a Cup

up the wall chess set, vertical chess set,
The Vertical Chess Set. This is the chess set that mounts to a wall, allowing games of indefinite length. Generating a sense of intrigue and anticipation–“did they move yet?”–it allows for weeks-long play without interruption. An included “last move” marker hung around a recently promoted pawn-turned-Queen signals to an opponent […]

Vertical Chess Set