Raising resilient, confident and happy children

cooking with children is about spending quality time together
I used to invite give myself a serious mental coaching before I invited the kids in the kitchen for a kids cooking session: be patient, don’t think about the mess, stay calm, count to ten before giving instructions, breathe deeply, smile, resist the temptation to join in and do the cookie […]

How to keep it together while cooking with children

financial responsibility for children
Emotional literacy is the ability to understand and manage emotions in oneself and in others and it needs to be modeled  more than  taught  because people are different and are affected by theirs and other’s emotions differently. Emotional literacy includes skills such as emotional control, recognizing own emotional state, managing emotions, recognizing other’s emotional state, […]

Emotional Competence and Bullying

power my learning educational site for kids
 My 8 yr. old quotes Einstein!!! well, almost… “Got you with my laser!” growled our 6 year old daughter, waving her Little Princess bedroom flashlight in front of her brothers nose…so far so normal , a typical bedtime until…..”It’s not!” barked her 8 year old brother…”Laser light is parallel”… Where […]

Powering My Children’s Learning

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As we head into the busy back to school schedule and we start meeting up with other parents at the school gates and start talking about our kids’ performance and academical successes, it’s very tempting to start thinking that we should push them more, restrict their playtime and increase their […]

Cherished childhood moments – mostly at playtime

We all want to help our children on their journey in life and ensuring they learn a second language will provide them with better opportunities in life apart from enhancing their overall ability in all areas of development: A usable skill that they can travel and find employment with from […]

Better life opportunities for multi-lingual children

The key to academical achievement and self discipline and a boost to imagination and creativity. At the beginning of this summer holiday, my children showed a genuine interest in playing the recorder after hearing a professional musician play some magical tunes at a children’s party. They were mesmerized and after […]

Getting the Kids into the Arts and Music to boost ...

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  School season is approaching fast and I don’t like to leave shopping for school essentials right to the last minute. So I started looking already and found that we’re really spoiled for choice when we try to find school essentials. So, what I do is ask the kids to make […]

Minecraft Back to School Essentials

5 ideas for turning a rainy day into a fun day
Today’s Guest Blogger, Heather from  ‘Work from Home with Kids’ shares with us some ideas for spreading a little sunshine on our kids, on a rainy day.   Rainy days bring dreary weather and often less energy for Moms, but this does not go for our children. All of the endless […]

5 Ideas for Making a Rainy Day Fun!

financial responsibility for children
They say that if you give someone a fish, you’ll feed one for a day, but if you teach someone to fish, you’ll feed one for a lifetime. In my daily life as a mom of two kids who constantly expect me to do things for them just because it’s […]

Teaching the kids financial responsibility and a lot more