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financial responsibility for children
When you think of bedtime routines, you probably think of your children, but bedtime routines are important for adults, too. Adults have quite a full plate of responsibilities, and some people suffer from insomnia. Others have different sleep issues, and a proper routine at bedtime can help solve many problems. […]

Develop A Proper Bedtime Routine With Healthy Habits For A ...

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Enough falling asleep with the kids’ bedtime story book in my hands. I reached the conclusion that a good children book is only a good children’s book as long as the grown-ups enjoy reading it. (For best books for under two year olds look here). I am talking about small […]

Children Treasury of Mom or Dad Enjoying the Bedtime Story

financial responsibility for children
Today’s Guest informs us about the basic life support skills every parent should know by heart in order to be able to save their children’s lives in case of an accident. Checking the pulse, chest compressions, mouth to mouth, all the essential live saving skills presented in the form of […]

Can You Save my Life? Basic Life Suport Skills Infographic

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How can we provide an environment in which children feel safe without turning them into cotton wool children, who are afraid of their own shadow? a question we’re not asking ourselves often enough. Instead, we  are putting too much effort onto providing a ‘safe’ environment. But a safe environment is […]

Idle Parenting vs Cotton Wool Children

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Children’s sense of identity is important to their healthy development. It is our duty help them maintain and develop their sense of identity, and foster their resilience by carefully exposing them to adverse circumstances. Children can be helped to maintain and develop their identity in adverse circumstances by effective support from […]

Fostering Resilience and Encouraging a Healthy Sense of Identity in ...

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When you’re confronted with whizzing and whirring noises, a strange person putting metal instruments in your mouth and a waiting room full of people looking anxious, it’s hard not to be nervous, so it’s completely understandable for children to be scared of the dentist. However, there are lots of different […]

How to Stop Your Child Being Scared of the Dentist

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Today’s guest blogger share with us a few insights getting the kids involved in looking after the household pets. “As a parent who brings home a new puppy for the joy that the children will experience, your role is also to use the puppy as a “teacher-dog”, which simply means using the pet […]

Kids’ Life with Dogs and What they Learn from Pets

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Today my youngest daughter (6 years old) finally learned to ride her own bike. It took only about one hour of helping her ride the bike on a grassy area of the park. As she was afraid that she will fall a lot, she kept saying she’d rather fall on […]

Cycling with kids with a bike trailer

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** This post contains affiliate links and I’ll be compensated should you make a purchase by following them.  The best way to teach children anything these days is through fun activities. When children enjoy what they do, the learning is only a side effect of the activity. Luckily we, parents, […]

Fun Learning Activities for children

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Guest Post:  Okay, it’s easier said than done. Most eight to ten year olds these days like TV, games consoles and smartphones. Whatever happened to a nice walk outside with the dog or getting caught in the rain and not caring less? A local park is a pleasure. Fresh air […]

Children 8-10 years: Inspiration & Things to Do in Nature

building kids' self esteem.
*Parenting advice from today’s guest blogger:  “As a parent, no matter what age you are, how you feel about yourself affects how you act! Think about a time you were feeling amazing with yourself, you probably acted really well! Children are the same way! When they feel good about themselves, […]

5 Ways To Help Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

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Milling soap or re-batching soap is taking already made soap and re-batching it into a completely new product by grating it, melting it, and then adding any additional colors, fragrances or additives. We played with Ivory Soap some months ago, by puffing it up into a cloud in the microwave oven; […]

Kids Fun Activity: Making Milled Soap ‘Cupcakes’

financial responsibility for children
Emotional literacy is the ability to understand and manage emotions in oneself and in others and it needs to be modeled  more than  taught  because people are different and are affected by theirs and other’s emotions differently. Emotional literacy includes skills such as emotional control, recognizing own emotional state, managing emotions, recognizing other’s emotional state, […]

Emotional Competence and Bullying

We all want to help our children on their journey in life and ensuring they learn a second language will provide them with better opportunities in life apart from enhancing their overall ability in all areas of development: A usable skill that they can travel and find employment with from […]

Better life opportunities for multi-lingual children

The key to academical achievement and self discipline and a boost to imagination and creativity. At the beginning of this summer holiday, my children showed a genuine interest in playing the recorder after hearing a professional musician play some magical tunes at a children’s party. They were mesmerized and after […]

Getting the Kids into the Arts and Music to boost ...

financial responsibility for children
They say that if you give someone a fish, you’ll feed one for a day, but if you teach someone to fish, you’ll feed one for a lifetime. In my daily life as a mom of two kids who constantly expect me to do things for them just because it’s […]

Teaching the kids financial responsibility and a lot more