Social and emotional intelligenge illustrated by an image of children shaking hands
 The social and emotional well being of children is an important factor in early childhood development and should be nurtured and cherished as the foundation for character building, cognitive development and success in later life. Although, in schools the focus is on academic achievement, at home, in the family as well as […]

Life Skills: Social and Emotional Intelligence

people talk on social media networks about brands so they can go viral
It’s simple: Get Claude Ergas to help you out with licencing, improving profitabilit and brand awareness, brand development, business strategies, sales forecasting/analysis, licensee/retail, relationships revenue growth..  Claude Ergas is a branding professional with over 10 years experience. He has helped companies secure over 30% in lift for profit margins. Claude […]

How to lift your company’s profit margins by 30%

Audrey Hepburn style and makeup
Acne is perhaps the most commonly suffered skin conditions. It can manifest on the face, chest, arms, back, neck, and even buttocks. These areas are so commonly affected given their high number of oil glands. Acne becomes most prevalent in most individuals’ teen years, but it can affect anyone: even […]

Essential Tips For Fighting Acne And Achieving Better Skin

If you are among those who have read additional pieces at the website of E&TJ, it is likely that you will be familiar with posts concerning reasons to work within a number of engineering industry sectors. Oil and gas may well be largely absent from the discussion, as many worry […]

Oil And Gas Jobs – A Guide

tea, health benefits tea, herbal tea burlock
The majority of people may not have heard of essiac tea, but it is one type of tea that a person should learn about.  This type of tea is created using four certain herbs: burdock root, sheep sorrel, turkey rhubarb or Indian rhubarb root, and slippery elm.  The essiac tea […]

All You Need To Know About Essiac Tea

financial responsibility for children
When you think of bedtime routines, you probably think of your children, but bedtime routines are important for adults, too. Adults have quite a full plate of responsibilities, and some people suffer from insomnia. Others have different sleep issues, and a proper routine at bedtime can help solve many problems. […]

Develop A Proper Bedtime Routine With Healthy Habits For A ...

Before rushing out to buy, make sure that your mobile broadband is what will work for you. You can read mobile broadband beginner’s guide and get acquainted with what to expect. It is an internet connection option that works for many situations, but you should ensure that is is the […]

Cost-Effective Mobile Broadband Tips

tips, sharing secrets
Getting a loan isn’t easy and can take time and also a lot of prep – here’s how to not only get one but also at a great rate.   Ensure that the personal loan offers you the best deal People will get a personal loan and use it for […]

7 Tips for Applying for Loan

Ever since memorizing, people have used yoga technology for various purposes. However, what has kept the popularity of yoga for thousands of years, there was no purpose that we could attribute to yogi, but it is precisely the need for one of the basic purposes of life. It is an […]

Using Yoga as a Fitness Routine: The Best About the ...

Beautiful Hair extensions with free delivery worldwide
Who does not want to stay young and beautiful forever? I know I do. Sadly, though, we all know that this desire is a mere fantasy, for we all are bound to see changes in our appearances as time passes by. However, when it comes to some individuals, the deterioration […]

Reasons for Premature Skin Aging and the Solution

epsom salts in a wooden bowl
After 40 years of twice daily use of store bought conventional toothpastes, mouthwashes, floss, inter dental brushes, gum gels, etc.I found that I’m not even close to the perfect smile shown on the box. Every trip to the dentist, revealed a new cavity or a new tooth infection which translated in fillings, […]

Natural remedies for oral health

growing a pineapple plant with fruit from a pineapple fruit bought at the grocery store
I heard that you can simply grow a pineapple plant from the pineapple fruit bought at the grocery store. A few weeks ago, I gave it a go, following tutorials found on the internet. It was easily done in a few steps. Scroll down to see a step by step […]

How to grow a pineapple plant from a pineapple fruit

delicious chocolate cake using green tea powder for its antioxidant and slimming effects
I love chocolate, the darker the better, and anyone who browses through my blog can see I include it in my diet as much as I can. I am a healthy eating enthusiast as well and I keep coming across articles and research results that point to green tea as […]

Healthy Chocolate Green Tea Cake

Sock aid for people who cannot bend down
The devices below feature handles to reduce bending and stretching discomfort for persons with back problems, using a wheelchair, or recovering from hip injury/replacement/knee surgery. Just click on the product that suits you to be taken to the details page where you can read about its features and more customers […]

Put your socks on – without any help

funny verse for kids, granny verses, a good read for kids and parents,
Enough falling asleep with the kids’ bedtime story book in my hands. I reached the conclusion that a good children book is only a good children’s book as long as the grown-ups enjoy reading it. (For best books for under two year olds look here). I am talking about small […]

Children Treasury of Mom or Dad Enjoying the Bedtime Story

indoors air quality
The sudden drop in temperatures and the earlier evenings bring with them another thing for homeowners to worry about…pests! As any professional pest controller will tell you, pests will be out loving the warmer weather now they can survive out in the open. Having fresh new plants also makes a […]

How To Declutter And Clean Your House To Prevent Autumn ...

running a family as you would a business
 As the years go on, our families get bigger and bigger with more pets and more children. This is when the safety of your family becomes every parent’s number one priority. For most people, they equate pest control with the use of chemicals. So it’s no wonder so many of […]

How To Do Pest Control In A Family Safe Way

perfect, autumn, walking, exercise, looking good,
With the arrival of Autumn, we can look forward to a lot of drizzly weather. But just because it’s raining outside, doesn’t mean you should put a rain check on your personal style. Make sure you leave the house when it’s rainy with a chance to make a splash. Here […]

Fashion Ideas From Personal Stylist Suzanne Baker: How To Stay ...

image, apricot, almonds and peach desert crumble served with vanilla icecream on top
This is a very versatile and easy to put together desert recipe that will have all your guests or family members begging for second servings. Ingredients:  For the fruity layer: handful of dried apricots, 8 ripe and juicy peaches sprinkled with sugar; small handful of muesli and crushed almonds For the crumble mixture: […]

Home Made Fruit Crumble Desert Recipe

image of home made soaps using the cp method
Making soap from scratch at home is fun. Not only you control what goes in your soap but also you can give it as many colors, shapes and flavors as you wish, thus creating ideal personalized soapy gifts. Today I will write about cold process soap, as it is the number […]

Making Soap Bars at Home from Scratch: CP Method

food, pizza, sandewich, snack,
One of the hottest, tastiest, and often most affordable crazes in sandwiches has to be the Bahn Mi. A Vietnamese sandwich that was once a little-known lunch deal hiding on small business menus has now become a star in itself! It seems like everyone has their own Bahn Mi now, […]

6 Unique Bahn Mi’s You’ll Have to Try

ecological home outdoor green
If you are building a new home from the ground up, it is easy to incorporate all the eco-friendly items that you want. However, if you have an older home that was built before a lot of today’s green solutions became available, you might be wondering what you can do […]

Tech Innovations to Make Your Home Greener