Authors and Translators Get Together to Surpass Language Barriers.

All authors, whether they wrote a simple self help ebook or an international best seller, knows what they have to go through to get their work seen and read. And nowadays, an online presence for any author is indispensable.  An online presence means that people from all over the world, speakers of all languages can access an author’s published work and …. often get frustrated for not being able to read something that may be of great interest to them,  in their own language. And what a missed opportunity for the authors that is.  translate your ebook

However, authors who understand the importance of being translated in as many languages as possible, have now the opportunity to reach across the world.

All they need to do is find professional and affordable translators for as many languages  as possible.  Hmm, sounds to easy and one  may think that’s an impossible or a very expensive task but the purpose of this blog post is exactly to let you know that this isn’t the case: Translate your  just launched and is going to be big as it’s purpose is to bring authors and translators together so they can join their forces, help each other and surpass all language barriers.

Authors should sign up so they can expand their market presence and achieve success all over the world. How? On you’ll be able to find  professional translators, with an interest in literature and negotiate a the translation fees and terms directly.

So, whether you’ve written a novel or an ebook or plant to write one, or you speak more than one language and have an interest in literature and doing some translation work, join the Translate Your Book community  and start a mutually profitable and beneficial collaboration.

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PS: I joined as an English – Spanish Translator.