A Custom Made Photobook – the gift that makes one shine

Ah, the joy of giving and receiving gifts at Christmas …and the pain of finding the right gifts for the loved ones…

If you have a digital camera or a smart phone, chances are that you have taken a lot of wonderful photos of the people you love, the places you’ve been together to, their favorite things… There’s also a pretty big chance that these precious photos haven’t seen the light of day since you took them or simply posted them to Facebook. Now, imagine those photos in a book, given as a gift to those specially photographed people. Wouldn’t such a gift make you look like the best and most thoughtful giver ever?  If you’re worried about spending a lot of time, arranging them in a nice layout and adding a personal message and all the fiddling that usually comes with trying to do something different and personal, STOP worrying. With Blurb‘s easy, custom books, you can make a photo gift book that’s both personal and extremely polished in only a few minutes. The have the best online book making tools, that you can use intuitively to create a masterpiece!

You can use your Facebook photos, Instagram photos, or photos stored  your computer. You can design your own book, or simply have it automagically created with the Blurb Designer Collection templates. All these tools are designed to run right in your web browser, letting you make a book in as little as ten minutes, and the prices start at just $12.99. You’ll create a real book. One you can hold, share, and pass on. Plus it’s so easily customized that you can create different versions for different people. Just swap in a few new photos, change the text, and re-order. Looking to make something a little bigger, like a family history book? Yeah, Blurb has ways to do that too.

Of course, this is a custom gift, so you don’t want to be last minute about it. Even though you can order up until December 19, ordering early is always better (and a bit cheaper too). So, get started on making a beautiful gift book now: Blurb


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