Look good, feel great with online yoga

My Yoga Online VideosI was just navigating aimlessly through Facebook one day and something caught my eye: something about unlimited access to online yoga classes for the price of one yoga session. I clicked and indeed I’ve been taken to the paradise, well yoga addicts paradise.

Myyogaonline does exactly what it says on the tin: it gives you premium access to hundreds of yoga videos, professionally taught and demonstrated by different experienced yoga teachers. Beginners to advanced, Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Meditation, Pilates, Power Yoga, you name it, they have the online video class for it and you can access it instantly or save it for later and practice along.

They have more than 50 yoga experts demonstrating, explaining  and teaching different yoga classes and workshops in different locations from yoga studios to beautiful seaside or mountaintop locations. Hard not to get inspired and motivated.

In my first 3 days of membership I’ve became a yoga junkie (I do hope I’ll get a bit bored at some point, I have other things to do – like raising my children ) .

I been discovering the ‘morning flow’; been ‘Waking the tiger and dissolving the FEAR’ , ‘belly dancing’, ‘meditating’, !!! attempting a ‘constant orgasm’ !!! – (couldn’t resist it ) , done a  ‘just one dance vinyasa class’ and having a ‘taste of power’.

As a consequence I woke up today, aching all over. (it’s the good kind of muscle ache that tells you’ve been working and stretching parts of yourself that have been dormant for ages). So, I’ll take it easy today, simply  write this blog post and  settle into a long Savasna (corpse) pose. For a while. Until I’ll get curios to see what else I can challenge myself with on this yoga online site.

So, because I am deeply impressed with this nice package of services, called myyogaonline  that I subscribed to with only  $9.95/month, I must share it with the rest of you. It’s easy: just click here to be taken to myyogaonline website and see what you’ll get inspired to do. (Hint: for people who like to try before they buy, myyogaonline also offers a basic free membership which I think it’s comprehensive enough to get you started)
My Yoga Online
My Yoga Online is a top online yoga resource, offering the best Yoga Videos, Pilates, Meditation, Health Wellness classes with world class teachers in on demand streaming and downloads.